Friday, February 13, 2015

Illustrations with Wattpad

Illustration for chapter 4.
I noted in my last post that Wattpad doesn't allow adding illustrations. But apparently that is not entirely true. When I posted my latest chapter, Roald Higginbottom, I noticed that on my iPhone I could add a JPEG at the top of the chapter while in edit mode.

So I drew a small cactus in Photoshop and placed it at the chapter head. It works fairly well although it is not easy to center the image (I ended up enlarging the borders in Photoshop and centering the cactus in the JPEG, which works well on the phone app but less well on the web). Also the image is grayed out until you click on it. I'm not sure why Wattpad thinks that is a good feature as it diminishes the impact of the illustration and adds an extra click to see the non-grayed out version. But perhaps there is a work around.

Although I like Wattpad I find the interface somewhat confusing, especially on the iPhone. I wish they could introduce a bit more clarity. For example I couldn't rearrange the chapters and assumed it couldn't be done on the iPhone until I accidentally tapped something and a chapter arrangement menu came up. Unfortunately I haven't been unable to find it again.

But like most apps I assume the more I use Wattpad the more intuitive it will seem. For now I will keep having fun writing with the additional fun of illustrating each chapter.

Thanks for reading.

Brad Teare–February 2015

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